Tree Risk Assessments: Field Visits & Consultations

Safety Inspections for Trees! Homeowners, businesses, public site managers and other Arborists may request a field visit or an email consultation with images.

Ed Hayes has over 30 years' experience in Tree Risk Assessment and evaluating trees for structural defects. Ed has conducted tree risk evaluations and trained arborist's worldwide.

Often times, homeowners, businesses, public site managers and even other Arborists suspect one or more of their trees may be at risk of failure or have questions on evaluating the extent of a particular defect. These trees can be evaluated for a range of possibilities from that of little concern to risk of imminent failure. Treatment options (pruning, cabling or propping to reduce risk) are possible before recommendations for removal may be made. There are a host of considerations used for making these decisions. If your tree or trees are in poor structural condition and pose potential hazards to people using the site or personal property damage, we will recommend removal. We use the most advanced technology for decay detection and combine our knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of science based tree risk evaluations.

Field Visits: Without experience, the un-trained eye can miss subtle signs and symptoms of a potential tree failure. For individual tree risk assessments we will inspect, evaluate, and advise you of the structural condition and your options for mitigation or removal. In instances where preservation is the goal, we may be able to find a way to do that depending on the species, age, condition, targets, etc.

Homeowners, businesses, and public site managers: request a field visit visit or consultation or call (507-319-7149) to request a field visit. Costs estimates provided based on time and travel.

Arborists: request an e-mail consultation: I can review your images and provide you with a plan to evaluate the tree or trees; where to look and what to check for. Conversations can be followed by written recommendations or an evaluation report if necessary. E-mail Safe Trees or call (507-319-7149) with your case.

Sample disclaimer for Arborists: trees inherently pose a certain degree of hazard and risk from breakage, failure or other causes and conditions. Recommendations that are made by (your company) are intended to minimize or reduce hazardous conditions that made be associated with trees. However, there is and there can be no guaranty or certainty that efforts to correct unsafe conditions will prevent breakage or failure of the tree. Any recommendations made should reduce the risk of tree failure but they cannot eliminate such risk, especially in the event of a storm or any act of God. There can be no guaranty or certainty that all hazardous conditions will be detected. Common sense, experience, and professional judgment are required or the trained Arborist. It is ultimately up to the trained Arborist on the site to determine the risk potential of a tree to fail.

All tree risk assessments provided by Safe Trees, LLC will be conducted following current ANSI A300, Tree Care Industry Standards for Tree Rick Assessment and Tree Structure Assessment. All clients will receive a written summary of the findings, assessment, and recommendations if necessary.

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